Mental Health Awareness

She Prevails is commited to spreading awareness. It's ok to NOT be ok! We think its important to have and talk about mental health and not be ashamed. No one should suffer in silence.  If you are someone else you know are suffereing with Mental Health issues, there will be a brochure in your package with facts and numbers to get help! Or go to

It's not easy to deal with painful emotions head-on. But it's a key to good health and well-being physically, mentally, and spiritually. If we don’t deal with pain when it occurs, it will resurface as later on — showing up as insomnia, hostility, and anger, or fear and anxiety.


It's not always easy to talk about or communicate your feelings to others. A amazing theraputic way to release you feelings has always been to write them down. These thought bubbles will help you take it a little further. Grab a bowl of water, a pen, and you thought bubbles and go to a quiet place. Write down your feelings on the bubble, I mean really release it. If you have to use more than one bubble you can. Now take you bubbles aka all you emotions and drop it in the bowl and water and watch it dissolve. As it dissolves let it go. No more harboring your pain.


  • 25 Thought Bubbles

Releasing Notes

  • Custom Items are non refundable. If there is a mistake make while being shipped, She Prevails Will FIx the issue no problem.

  • Items take 5-7 days for production. Upon producation, item/s will be mailed out via USPS Priority mail. Tracking number available. (For the sake of Mothers Day, for this item only, we have moved out shipping days to 3-5)