Mental Health Awareness

She Prevails is commited to spreading awareness. It's ok to NOT be ok! We think its important to have and talk about mental health and not be ashamed. No one should suffer in silence. If you are someone else you know are suffereing with Mental Health issues, there will be a brochure in your package with facts and numbers to get help! Or go to

Anxiety doesn't wait for you to get home to hit. Hold on to something tangible to keep you grounded anywhere you go. Relax any time in any situation.I have High Fuctioning Depression and Anxiety. Whether I'm hyperventilating, crying, fuming, fidgeting, or feeling generally uneasy I just slip one of these bottles out of my purse and in minutes I feel calmer; better.

Just simply shake the Bottle and enjoy the visual effect of the glitter falling down in a slow, relaxing manner. Slowly breath and focus on the glitter as your body returns to a calming state.

ONE bottle
Holds 18oz
Made with vinyl and hand lettered by me

Anxiety Buster

  • Custom Items are non refundable. If there is a mistake make while being shipped, She Prevails Will FIx the issue no problem.