Who is SHE?

She is Me, Val Hardy. Hey y’all! I’m the owner and creator of She Prevails. I started the original brand is 2015 and it has grown is so many ways. You know how people say there so glad they don’t look like what they have been through? I know it’s

so cliché, but whew if I have a penny for every time I said that. I started my brand honestly because I needed something to take my mind off of my pain. I thought if I could be vocal about my issues and help other, it would in turn help others. I was diagnosed with High Functioning Depression and Anxiety in 2015. It carried on after my postpartum and I never got checked for it. I went from therapy to a psychiatrist and tried 7 different medications and they had me either feeling like a zombie or emotionally torn down. I couldn’t function like that with 3 kids, so I took the option of meds off the table and through myself into my business. I started a group called The Sisterhood on Facebook where women can join and feel comfortable enough to talk and share there mental health experiences and vent if need be. I had multiple T-shirt lines and other apparel geared towards mental health as well as starter influencers that were posting and getting my brand out there. I also highlighted one person a week with specific questions about their mental health struggle if they were willing to talk about it publicly. I loved everything about what I was doing. The brand She Prevails is about uplifting and encouraging woman through their Mental Health struggle. To spread the word that It’s Ok To Not Be Ok. In this day and age we truly don’t hear that enough. We get shamed and looked at differently for admitting our weaknesses. We don’t want that to be the case here. She Prevails wants to embrace our differences. We are not victims, we are warriors. We are fighting every day. We will prevail! Come back next week and we will talk about to changes made in the business from last year to this year and why everything happen the way it did. Stay tuned.


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