30 Day Challenge, Will You Accept?

I've had a lot of challenges in my day, but few of them where ones I was willing to put myself through. If I promise this one will be fun, will you do it? We are going to do a 30 Day Mental Health Challenge in October! I know, I know. There are 31 days in October, but day 31 is Halloween and that day is for Candy eating only lol. This challenge is made to Relax and Release. I want you guys to really concentrate on positivity, gratitude, and being mentally healthy. At the end of this challenge we want to be happier and more free. SO TAKE THIS CHALLENGE WITH ME!! Follow along with me on my Instagram @ShopShePrevails or my Facebook @ She Prevails. I'll be posting pictures and checking in with you guys so don't skip out! You have a week to get ready!! See you guys then.

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