I've had a lot of challenges in my day, but few of them where ones I was willing to put myself through. If I promise this one will be fun, will you do it? We are going to do a 30 Day Mental Health Challenge in October! I know, I know. There are 31 days in October, but day 31 is Halloween and that day is for Candy eating only lol. This challenge is made to Relax and Release. I want you guys to really concentrate on positivity, gratitude, and being mentally healthy. At the end of this challenge we want to be happier and more free. SO TAKE THIS CHALLENGE WITH ME!! Follow along with me on my Instagram @ShopShePrevails or my Facebook @ She Prevails. I'll be posting pictures and checking in with you guys so don't skip out! You have a week to get ready!! See you guys then.

If you were a Super Hero what would your power be? I've always wanted to orb place to place or snap my fingers and make things appear lol. That's pretty cool, right? Well because I'm special, as my son calls it, my superpower happens to be forgetting. Last week I had a doctor's appointment at 9:45 so I had to make sure I got a few things done first. I woke my daughter up at 6 am and turned my backyard sprinklers on. After I got my 2 little kids ready for school, I dropped them off and came back to take care of my dogs. My husband was a bit under the weather so I made him some tea and me and a cup of coffee. Being epileptic, I'm not all that great anymore at multitasking so I'm keeping my eye on the clock. The time starts to move faster or something so at this point, I'm power walking to the bedroom. We all know running isn't safe lol. I got dressed, did my hair, quickly made my eyebrows look like sisters, and stuffed my purse. my alarm for my meds went off and I ignored it. I figured I'd take them on my way out. Ask me right now if I took them on my way out....... ugh. Now at this point, I'm in the car finding directions with 15 minutes to spare. If you know me, you know I don't know how to get anywhere if it's more than 15 minutes away lol. It's not my fault. I blame my parents, I was a very sheltered child. I also blame my husband, he drives everywhere. By the time I was 15 mins away

from the house I realized I hadn't taken my medicine and I was too far to turn around. I texted my husband and he was not happy. I was already going through a silent panic attack though so I don't him don't make me feel worse. The anxiety in my chest was at a 10 and I was trying my best to ease it. I knew for a fact myself that I would be fine. That I would go to this doctor's appointment, go home, take my meds, and be ok. But the way anxiety and the brain works is so crazy. They will make you feel like you are going insane. Everything in my brain made me feel like I was going to have a seizure and that I made a huge mistake when I honestly knew better. My chest was tight and my heart was racing. I did the one thing I knew that would calm my mind: turn my favorite artist on and sing my heart out. I had to find a way to take my mind off what I knew wouldn't be a big deal. I'm singing and eventually, my mind calms and my heart loosens in my chest; I can breathe again. I get to my appointment and all goes well. My ride home was a little better. I made a few stops to get my children some treats, got home, and took my medicine. The whole anxiety fiasco is over, but I'm left-winded and exhausted. The emotions that your body will take you through can tire you out. It's like feeling everything at one time and not being able to shut it off.

I made a medicine dosage pack and put it in my wallet just in case that happens again and I'm out. I put only my seizure medicine in there so I'll have what I need no matter if it's morning or night. No, all Super Powers are wanted, but I'm living with mine. My kids remind me of things I need to sign every day until I sign them. They tape things to my computer so I can remember what I need to do for them. My husband still says looks at me crazy because I can't remember half of the things that he tells me, but guess what??

I'm still SEIZURE FREE AND IT'S BEEN 8 MONTHS!!!! So yes, the journey might be a little crazy, but we are making it and surviving. It's hard to remember a lot of things at once and manage a household. I give a lot of credit to my family, especially my niece because she's my biggest helper when my husband is working and away. I joke with her and tell her she's so mean to me, but honestly, she's been the one to remind me to take my medicine a lot because I forget sometimes and turn my alarm off when I'm in the middle of cooking or working on an order. My girl is my lifeline.


Good Morning Guys! I hope you all had a good holiday weekend! Over here at the She

Prevails Headquarters, AKA my house, we had a day of rest and my kids requested we

watch all the Harry Potter movies lol. I was skeptical, but I actually enjoyed myself lol.

After a busy week and weekend, I needed the rest anyway.

Today I'm going to jump right into Mental Health and a few misconceptions I've heard

and read about. I have Anxiety and Depression. For those familiar with these two

diagnoses, they are very easy to hide. I can't tell you how many times

daily I'm put in a situation where I find myself having to put on a mask and hide my true

self. I never encourage others to do this, but as a wife and a mother times get tough. I

feel like I have to hide my feelings to protect my husband at times when he's going

through things or to shield my children so they don't know what I'm going through. I say

all this to say, not every illness can be seen.

Misconception #1: Social Anxiety isn't as common

Surprisingly it is, it's just misdiagnosed and not talked about enough. "It is actually

believed that between 2% and 13% of the population is thought to have social anxiety to

the point that it could be considered a disorder". That quote is taken from OxfordCBT.

Social anxiety is the third most common mental illness next to depression and

substance abuse.

Misconception #2: Social Anxiety is just like being shy

I can tell from experience it is not. If you know me personally, then you know I'm nowhere near shy. I

love talking to people and my presence has been known to light up a room. I sing, make others laugh, and I just love to have fun. I can be shy at times, but when my anxiety takes over it's nothing like shyness. When it comes to labeling someone shy vs having Social Anxiety, you have to be very careful because that can be dangerous. Social anxiety can make you go to a dark place. For example, some come up with crazy

ridiculous lies just to get out of going places and doing things. When you truly have Social Anxiety, the simple thought of leaving the house to go somewhere that you didn't have planned can throw your whole day off. It can cause you to have a meltdown or have you obsessively worrying for hours or days. I know from experience that I can not be told anything last minute. It's hard on me and I start to think of every reason why I can't do it. My chest starts to hurt and I start to worry and get uncomfortable. I haven't

always been this way, but now that I am it's hard to shake.

Misconception #3: Social Anxiety only affects public speaking.

I'm not sure why a lot of people think this, but they do. Social Anxiety can and will affect

your whole life.

 Talking in class

 Taking meetings

 Meeting new people

 Entering a room full of people

 Eating while being watched

 Using the bathroom in public places

 Confrontation

 Talking to authority

 Going to parties

 Etc.

There is a lot about Social Anxiety that can affect your day-to-day. Maybe even. Going

to the grocery store can be hard.

Misconception #4: Only medicine can help Social Anxiety

FALSE. The medicine helps, BUT it's not a cure-all for EVERYONE. Everyone is not the

same, so what works for one might not work for the next. Do you need the medicine to

get rid of the anxiety? No. You can get rid of it on your own, but that takes strength,

constancy, a strong will, and determination. You've got to want to beat it. You have to

tell yourself you will no longer be a slave to your illness and it ends today! Therapy,

Yoga, and Meditation are a few good ways to start.

Misconception #5: People with Social Anxiety can just get over it.

Please stop suggesting this and stop flat-out thinking this. This is not true whatsoever.

With every fiber of my being, I wish I could "just get over it". I wish I would wake up one day and say, "Val cut that shit out and move on with your life". Guess what? I can't… I LITERALLY CAN NOT. My brain is not wired that way. Right now as I'm typing this I'm anxious about posting it because I don't know what people are going to think. My chest is filling with worry and is hurting. Do you know how that feels? When I tell you I can't do something and I don't feel comfortable doing it, it's because I literally can't. My

anxiety is at an all-time high and if given the chance my anxiety will drain my energy.

From a person who has Social Anxiety to a person who doesn't: WE CAN'T FLIP A


is the most important one because it's the one that people say so often. "Oh you're fine"

or "Get over it"; or "Just let it roll off your back"……

If only you could understand... I wish I could.